Information om stipendiet från Kulturamt der Stadt Graz/Cultural Office of the City of Graz:

Since 1997 the Cultural Department of the City of Graz is awarding the literary scholarship ”Grazer Stadtschreiber:in” on the basis of a city council resolution.

In the sense of a literary – cultural exchange as well as the very consciously promoted contact with the Graz literary scene, the city of Graz provides the scholarship holder/scholarship holder:in with an apartment in the Cerrini-Schlössl on the Schlossberg in Graz free of charge from September, 2022 to August, 2023 as part of this annual stay.

Deadline: 31.3.2022

The call for applications ”Grazer Stadtschreiber:in” is only open to writers (prose, poetry, theater)!
All papers have to be sent as PDF! Other formats will not be accepted!

For further information.

Application guidelines in German and English.

For your questions please contact: Konrad Stachl