De nordiska författarorganisationerna har tagit fram nedanstående riktlinjer när det gäller användande av AI-program. Allt eftersom tekniker utvecklas kan riktlinjerna komma att justeras,

Guidelines for authors and text-creators in light of the recent advancement in

Due to the rapid roll-out of new and improved artificial intelligence on the market, Nordic writers’ associations present the following guidelines and recommendations for its members and represented writers and translators.

Artificial intelligence is a form of advanced computer program. Although the technic has been around for decades, the new usages and the speed of it has revolutionized several industries. There are a few different types of programs available on the market and most of them are on open networks that are accessible all across the globe. We recognize that the use of an AI-program can be both efficient and entertaining in the writing process, but there are a few risks and potential dangers involved in AI-prompting. Mainly that the AI stores and copies all material it is given. By using an AI, or “prompting” you authorize the program to store and duplicate all presented material. Note that the answers you get can come from unreliable sources, other people’s prompts or be stolen from piracy websites.

The Nordic writers’ associations have made these brief guidelines to aid writers in the process of using AI-programs. Note that as the technology is rapidly advancing, and updated guidelines may be presented in the future.

Do’s and don’ts:

• Do read the terms and conditions for the program you’re using. Depending on the company’s terms and conditions you may be limited in your use of the product. Sometimes the produced work becomes property of the company behind the AI, or it could be unprotected and free for all (public domain) or open for you to claim and remake as your own.• Do use AI-programs for inspiration, formulations, ideas and as a tool to further your writing. Not all aspects of the writing-process are protected by copyright and some AI-programs are great tools for creators to get inspired and “brainstorm” with.• Do keep track of all prompting. Your publisher might collect them when you hand in your drafts to ensure originality and personal authorship of the texts.

• Do not feed information/ materials into an AI-program that you do not want that program to store/ copy.• Do not rely on the data given by an AI-program as a secure source of information. The AI-program provides you with what it has analyzed to be the requested answer, not necessarily the correct one.• Do not prompt any full texts or paragraphs. You as a writer cannot claim copyright (and reap the benefits thereof) for materials written by a machine.

Please note that the guidelines are solely for your consideration and not binding for neither writers, translators nor publishers.